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In Animus Serpentis

Draco Malfoy

11/27/04 07:06 pm - Hexed from Faculty

Does anyone know if we're going to be out of here for Christmas? I know this shield is in place but if it's deconstructable - I'd just like to know.

Hexed from all but a few - Work out for yourself whether you countCollapse )

11/21/04 12:57 am

Some days are better than others.

11/19/04 08:47 am

Half-heartedly privateCollapse )

When is the next Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin? And just how many fouls are covered in the rulebook?

11/5/04 07:11 pm - Hexed closed, from all those who might use content against him - particularly Death Eaters

It's coming to my attention that I need to do something about this situation. I have got to maintain contact with certain people in order to avoid suspicion. It's a dilemma. I can suitably excuse my physical presence, but as there are others in our midst who can see what I am, or am not doing, and as the owl system still works - I am presented with difficulties.

Still. At least I'll have a place to live over Christmas. The manor's building is going quite well, as far as I can tell.

Private to BlaiseCollapse )

11/2/04 07:29 pm

I think everyone in Slytherin is a) not in the infirmary, b) not currently on the receiving end of hatred/angst directed from anyone, and c) happy not miserable. An odd occurance, but a welcome one.

Hmm. Now if we can all just stay out of trouble, then things can only get better..

And it's settling. Finding a stability. I've been owling for re-building the Manor, and supposedly, it's doing well.

It's a decent day, actually.

10/31/04 08:53 pm


I don't know what to say now.

Hexed to Potter onlyCollapse )

Warded to BlaiseCollapse )

Warded to Lisa only, hexed stronglyCollapse )

10/31/04 01:28 pm

Well.. I certainly didn't expect that of an evening.. Particularly one I had intended to do some research..but then, I did manage the work, so the essay was finished on time.

Certainly an interesting way to spend the time. And I'd never have thought Ravenclaws were so shameless. However, enjoyable.

And I can't get bollocked by Snape, because I didn't rape her, she came onto me

Yes. Definitely in a better mood, though.

10/24/04 01:18 pm - Bored, and somewhat apprehensive..

Private and severely hexed closedCollapse )

Locked to PotterCollapse )

No Hogsmede this weekend, which was something I think everyone had looked forward to. Not that they'd let me out Oh well. If there's any alcohol in the castle left, pass it my way. Getting pissed seems to be an effective way of passing time before the next massacre.

10/11/04 06:21 pm

That's it..

Oh gods..can't take this.


10/10/04 09:44 pm

Hexed closed but those desirous enough to read and able to get past spells would manage it.. without..dyingCollapse )
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