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Draco Malfoy

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Bio: Things fall apart,
The centre cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed,
And everywhere, the ceremony of innocence is drowned

General Data:

Name: Draco L Malfoy - Middle name Lucifer, but that's closely guarded.
Nicknames: You call him Draco. Anything else, and you're dead. Strung-up-by-the-entrails dead.
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bi
Birthday: April 18th, 1980
Wand: Birch, dragon heartstring, nine inches.
Occupation: Student, 7th year at Hogwarts
Affiliation: In the past, Draco was one of the students dedicated to bringing down Voldemort themselves, using connections. In recent times, he followed Voldemort. Whether that continues remains to be seen.
Blood: Pure.
Education: In subject matter pertaining to examination - five years private tuition, six years of Hogwarts. In torture and learning to lie, his family. In sodomy, Blaise Zabini.

Physical Data:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Eleven stone.
Eyes / Vision / Glasses : Cold blue/perfect/none.
Hair: Over-long blond. If it gets long enough, he ties it back neatly. If not, it hangs around his face, getting in his eyes.
Complexion: His skin is milk-white, a pale blueish colour.
Build: Skinny. He's muscled but not greatly so, more wiry. His skeleton is evident.
Defining Marks: A Dark Mark on his left underarm. A few scars. A bump where Seamus Finnagan broke his nose. A thin scar running between the thumb and index finger of his right hand.
Hearing: Excellent.
Left/Right/Ambi: Ambidextrous. A tendency toward his left hand that his father indulged.
Disabilities/Handicaps: Sheer, seething anger tends to blind him to logic a fair few times.
Health: He withstands a lot, healthwise but it's never been greatly tested.
IQ: Draco is intelligent, but not so greatly that he finds it easy - Something that Lucius has always found difficult to understand.

Dress Style: Like his father before him, Draco scorns Muggle clothing in general, prefering to wear robes of linen, silk, velvets, and other sumptuous fabrics. He has a tendency toward dark colours, deep blues, greens, reds and black. He has, though would never admit it, a liking for cashmere, and in winter, often wears muggle sweaters of cashmere beneath his robes.
Manner of Speech: Strives for eloquence. He is well-spoken, and when cool-headed, his words are carefully chosen and turned to cause reaction. When he's in a fit of temper, he loses the persuasive and subtler arts of speech.
Extrovert/Introvert: Can be both, but primarily extroverted.
Phobias/Fears: Being his father all over again. He fears fitting the pattern chosen for him, and losing control, but also being weak. He hates the idea of weakness.
Mental Health: He keeps rigid control on it for the most part. However, in moments of extreme emotion, it's liable to spill..Easily bored.
Goals/Dreams: Variable. He's contradictory.
Quirks/Habits: Keeps incredibly clean. Causes pain through torture, but does not like others' blood near him.
Hobbies/Interests: The Dark Arts, imposing pain, torture, mind games. Chess, French literature, Russian dark literature, study of ancient languages. Flying. Quidditch.
Dislikes: Harry Potter, innocence, weakness, loss of control.
First Impression: Evil BASTARD. Charismatic, in a fucking twisted way.
Often: Bored.
Creativity: Actually, though not generally a given, he is quite creative. Able to write, having been given solid grounding in literature, he's artistic, but keeps it hidden. It escapes, however, in the setting up of his mindgames.
Academic Strengths: Potions. DADA - because he knows most of the original hexes. A natural aptitude for Charms, though he regards it with contempt.
Academic Weaknesses: Muggle Studies he flatly refuses to do. Trasnfiguration - McGonagall and he do not get on. Divination - he remains faintly in awe of it, Potter is prophesied, of course.

Background Data:

Father - Lucius Janus Malfoy. Death Eater, and currently absent.
Mother - Narcissa Malfoy - A perfect lady who can crush a man's balls in her palm.
Siblings - None.

Childhood Home: The Malfoy Manor. Currently no longer in existence in its original form.. Draco set it on fire.

Current Data:
Relationships: Did have a thing with Blaise Zabini, but shoved him away.

Recent Events: Getting somewhat psycho over Zabini and Nott, and almost raping his lover in an attempt to teach him a lesson. Joined Voldemort. Discovered Voldemort was only after Lucius. Got..slightly... pissed off.

Personal History: Taught to lie, manipulate, cheat and scheme through the torturous childhood of a Death Eater's son, Draco expected to be the best, and was expected *of* to be the best. Disappointing his father has always frustrated him, but he cannot see a way forward without contradicting some part of his distinctly grey moral code.

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